Wednesday, June 27, 2007

o2 Xda Flame~

yeah good news fr DHL~
LaLaLa what a wonderful day :P
Yeah baby is you. I've been waiting.
Yes Xda Flame~ Special FeatureS
Made in Taiwan~ What a damn expensive device!!
Baby flame! Let's Rock N RoLL~
Carbon fiber look alike~ :P
ZOOM in~
Yeah I've been waiting for a PDA phone which come with Auto Focus for age~ Finally! And 2GB internal memory & VGA screen display~~
All the accessories~
god alot of reading and CD-Rom :(

Very nice looking o2 earphone~ Looking similar like SE one~
Yes Starting up~ 3.6" VGA Screen!! Beauty!!
Damn I just found a dead pixel on the screen. More reviews will be continue later on. Damn device sent it back today for service :( :( :( Haven't even started to play with it :(

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