Monday, July 23, 2007

o2 Atom Life~

玩左o2 flame一排...手又痒,脚又振了. 只好去揾醫生買藥了 ..... Yes Atom Life~ Here I come again~ Got my new toy today :P

screen even smaller then xda mini ...

compare with 838pro. Life got smaller screen :) compact and handy~
sexy life with Intel XScale PXA 270 Processor at 624MHz
2.7" 262K QVGA TFT LCD screen .... beauty~

camera finally come with built in macro mode which atom and atom exec dun have~

end up with o2 flame, xda life, and 838pro in my drawer~
PPC 三劍客!
Really hard decision~ Shd keep Flame or Life???
難取難捨... 最恨做决定!

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WoayChee said...

dont think so much, sell to me will do.