Monday, September 03, 2007

凱立德 GPS

Compare the GPS device with my 838pro. Big screen and nice display~

friend bought a gps from china but it doesn't come with malaysia map, so end up asking me to fix it .... totally no idea what to do! anyone can help?

it run by SD card or MMC.

The back has a big speaker and battery~

1200mAh battery~

testing the GPS but too bad it doesn't work since it has only china map in it.

it has English and Chinese language to choose from ...

Yeah touch screen. It more like a multimedia player with big screen! Can play video and mp3.

Very impressive! it even come with bluetooth built-in~ Can connect to mobile phone as a handfree while driving! (it has loud speaker) Worth the money. Great device and reasonable price~

yeah a multimedia player with music, photo, video and even ebook reader~

brand is 凱立德 CARELAND. Really never heard abt it.

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