Friday, October 19, 2007

Canon IXUS 75 @ Epson C59

after 明記半肥瘦叉饒, derek wanna go to sungai wang to buy canon G9 ... nothing to do, so I and davidz went with him .... the boss said so friend! no problem, can pay by credit card WITHOUT 2%. End up buying the IXUS 75 myself :( didnt plan to buy any cameras :(

anyway package come with case, screen protector, and 1GB SD~

bought a extra original battery as well. it last longer then those third party one. tried many brand before. so decided to get another original one this time~~

Yeah Canon IXUS 75~

Was thinking to get the IXUS 70 which is cheaper and smaller :P but I wanna have a bigger screen, so got the IXUS 75. Yeah 3" LCD~~

testing 3" LCD~~

7.1 MegaPixel~

the free case for IXUS 75~

After got the canon G9, derek wanna go home and play with his new toy~ So I and davidz went to LYP to look for the ipod cable for our iPhone~ Yeah we got it there .... 2.0 USB ready~

then saw a cheap epson printer!! has been thinking to print all my photo albums myself for long time~ so bought another printer there :P

yeah I just love to enjoy the moment~ opening the box :P

yeah photo color printer from Epson :P

Also got some photo papers to start printing my photo album!!! also another 1GB pendrive~~


mercury said...

huh 1 shoot buy so many technology stuff huh

keeekeee said...

yalor. this month over shop liao :( have to work harder for next month target :P work work work , spend spend spend! is LIFE~

curryegg said...

Wow.. interesting post.. Looks like you like you've a good knowledge in digital stuff..


keeekeee said...

thanks curry egg~ why not Tea Egg :P

emily ting said...

nice or not the epson printer???

i was the promoter for this printer last year... kept on saying its very very good... but i dunno how good izzit lo...

and btw, ur iphone so impressive!~~

keeekeee said...

emily, it is a inexpensive model. quality nice but low in speed. it almost take abt 15 mins to print a A4 size photo paper. so ok la. iPhone? heheheh yes like it very much~