Wednesday, October 03, 2007

iPhone ! Finally gotcha~

keeekeee: oh my god! Finally I got the iphone with me!!!
P1i : yeah right phone without 3G and MMS. stupid iphone!
keeekeee: Nice packing. I got my 8GB iphone.
P1i: so What! I "eat" 4GB M2 card.
keeekeee: em ..... birthday? Sept 21, 2007?
P1i: who cares!

iphone with AT&T regulation ... printed on the back of the box.

Can't wait anymore! Have to open it right now. To be honest, I never thought abt buying iphone after i read abt the spec online. No 3G? My 838Pro already using 3.5G, Even P1i got 3G ... some more no MMS? Man after "test drive" one sim locked iphone the other day! I told myself i'm going to get it once the unlocked solution come out! Yes I got it finally~~

Yap iphone out of the box!! so sexy! so slim! it just gorgeous!!!

full pacakge come with adapter, desktop cradle, and USB cable.

Yes something designed by Apple in California :P

P1i: what so good abt u! u lousy phone without 3G!
iPhone: .........(elegant)

iPhone: See my body ~
P1i: "shame" oh! my stomach ...deep breathe :(
iPhone: kiss my ass!
P1i: eer ......

iPhone: um ... see my screen! bxxxx!
P1i: :x

keeekeee: Both are mine! Don't fight! hehehe who serve me good, I'll keep who :P

check it out. how slim is the iphone compare with SE P1i. I think by now we can check out the itouch from Apple store in KL already. Even slimer then iphone. Nice design and great features!

I bought the P1i because it got touch screen, smart phone, and slim in size! quite handy! But not after I "touched" the iphone! i can believe it myself! what a PHONE! It's beautiful

The iphone has a very nice display screen! very sharp and clear!

Yeah the 8GB iPhone from Apple.

Let have a BPC gathering :)

Yes last step! talking off the plastic on the screen!

YEAH Iphone~ gotcha!!

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