Saturday, October 06, 2007

iPhone gathering

finally davidz got his iPhone after my poison hehehehehehhe so we went to starbuck at Time Square~ Man even got gals saying behind us. Wah Is that iPhone ar? hehehhe Another uncle sitting next to us also asked us: Is that iPhone ar? Where you purchased? Can use in Malaysia mer? heheheh Then i only realized that uncle was wearing Rolex Daytona~ KENG~

hopefully Chiewata can join us this coming weekend for another iPhone gathering hehehehehe


Miss Cha said...


Cool site you have, love your gadget reviews etc.

Loving this post especially, both my most favorite phone - p1i and iPhone.

Where do you get cool themes for p1i?


keeekeee said...

hi there cha. thanks for drop by :) p1i themes can be google~ alot on the internet. Any of ya friends wanna buy P1i? hehehehe I'm selling mine. now happy with my iPhone~ :P

ADy -Eduard said...

dude u got tons of IT stuff :O wtf ? & 2 P1i :X:X:X:X:X:X i worship my only k750i with w800 software :((( & wanted to buy a P1i but didnt find a job :(( PS: I am 16 & from romania :)