Saturday, October 13, 2007

LECKA-LECKA~ The Real Room

it's saturday night~ went to bintang walk after dinner :)
all photos taken by iPhone~ not bad huh!
yeah LV ... all chicks crazy abt it ...

We went to Lecka-Lecka in front of the grand entrance starhill~
The Real Room, combined with the Gelato Kiosk and service of Pizza and Pasta, provides consistent and affordable facility for families, tourists, office-workers and the business community at Bintang Walk. The Real Room is an indoor/outdoor restaurant with an international menu ~
Mango Vanilla~ didnt like it :(

Lime with Ginger.

forgot what they call this hehehehe it looks funny to me, so i order one which was grape favor :P Davidz just told me it calls "ShisHa"~

just like cigarette~ more like smoking marijuana to me kekekekeke

getting storm & dizzy~ :P actually felt nothing at all.

smoking is not good. Ultraman warning: Kids Don't Learn :P

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