Friday, November 30, 2007

Benz C Class 2008

after 2o mins test drive, now trying to take some photos of it. :P man the power not bad. tried 0-100. but didnt calculate. But i think it is fast enough with three of us onboard :P It is only 1.8 but it sure got different feeling compare from benz to japanese mobile~ I like it.

The door. Look small to me.

air-con for the back~

another view of the passenger door~

The rear~

723 or 775? i think 723 quite nice and something different from silver ~

see the leg room? not much left :( I like the car. It is nice to go out alone for party hehehehe but definely not for family! it is ok for 4 adults but not really comfortable for tall guy like me.

really not much leg room at the back if driver got 6" tall like me. :(

it is really nice looking and sporty but too small in size :( The interior space is smaller then current Honda Accord. :(
I found out that C200 avantgarde doesn't come with the auto fold side mirror but I like the front grill of avantgarde. So the SA drove the C200 elegance model with avantgarde front grill modify. I was told it cost RM2k to do so. (elegance come with auto fold side mirror with cheaper price) don't understand why pay more get less???


Yisei said...

Nice car!!!

balootisme said...

very nice review... thanks a lot...

i'm looking to buying this c-class than bwm 5-series...