Sunday, November 11, 2007


yeah saturday night chiewata brought us to 香港私房菜 for dinner. This is 羊腩! very nice. I like it very much :P~

forgot what is it. Have to ask chiewata~ :P but quite good also~

er...... vege lor~

also forgot hehehehe what fish already ar? was so excited since 四大天王 all join the dinner. but 华弟 came after dinner. 超人話條魚係叫白點用花腩與咸魚清蒸。。。

猪頸肉. This one i remember coz i didnt like it hehehhehehe

最后甜品. 現做現吃"豆腐花"

真係唔錯!! 新鮮豆腐花



last dish was latest SE K850 from davidz. He was trying to poison us after dinner :( I'm still thinking but chiewata "kenal" the virus already. Virus cannot be removed. Have to go to see doc next week. We might get it together :( BuyBuy time again :(

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