Thursday, November 15, 2007


Today went to LY with chiewata~ HP got new desktop~ very cool design with touch screen sommore.

Yeah HTC Touch Dual finally arrive ... start selling tommorow~ Thanks william for letting us to play with it. Latest model. yeah very slim but no WiFi :( Got video call already~

HTC Touch with keypad ... cool~

still doesn't come with auto focus yet :(

Buy Buy Time. We end up bought the SE K850, W880, and K800.
Man the W880 really slim. Looking cool but feature so-so :P and the latest K850 Black with blue. Nice ...

Really nice looking K850. First 5Megapixel from SE~

Grocery time some cases for iphone and emergency charger for all brands of phones. Also a box of isock :)

Got another 3 units of itech mini. Was thinking to get two only. But the shine model really nice so bought another silver "chrome" one for myself :P and Sony M2 1GB with free reader.

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