Monday, November 19, 2007


trying the SEK850 with SE-HBH 980 Stereo Bluetooth headset. Quite nice~
Meet with aldi ... Trying his HTC TyTn aka Kaiser ...

sure new device always look better then old one la ... trying2 convince myself.

Yeah only abit improvement. ultraman will not get it :P nope ultraman dun even like it at all :P

ok have to stop trying the kaiser here. dun wanna poison myself. S.T.O.P

aldi trying to pair the HBH-970 with his kaiser and w950.

after Mcdonald, we went to APPLE~ chiewata bought something again! while I was checking out the ipod skin. They only have stock for ipod and iTouch only. too bad nothing for iPhone yet. and the damn skin cost rm69.90 ???? a sticker?? damn. Ok davidz do something abt it. go and custormize the skin hehehehe i think we can do it ourself right? Chiewata said u shd able to do so heheheheheh wait for your good news then :P

huge "Figurine" poster! cool ... walk walk time ... got myself some tees~
man so many "Figurine" here. me n chiewata busy looking for one :P but didnt see any nice one for superman and ultraman :(

buybuy time again. I knew it. Chiewata kept asking me to go out yesterday. Worry i would buy something again so I kept saying next week la. But felt bad after it since we all have nothing to do. So I went out with him buybuy again :( see the above photo? brother reloading the bullet again! removing sim card :P Yes chiewata bought something again ...

later we went to 嘆茶屋. playing the Asus eeePC with Sony VGN-CX1A~

VGN-CX1A Mouse can use with Skype or MSN to call ... COOL ~

Asus eeePC running XP ...

Yeah Chiewata bought the HTC Touch Dual again ... Lucky I didn't wanna try or even "touch" the kaiser and Dual when i was there. Bought too much this month already. Have to stop for this month. Somemore got the first lady watch~ now have to eat magee mee til christmas :P

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aCey said...

those look nice, those phones!