Sunday, November 04, 2007

iPhone の 軟硬殼

Chiewata ask us go to Time Square yesterday. So we went. Then after ordered drinks at starbuck. He wanted to go to LowYat :( So we had to walked again ... but iPhone really taken nice photos :)



從Time Square行咗去銅鑼灣! 先黎杯檸檬利賓拿嘆吓先!! 再另加公仔麵~

走左去拿貨!! Finally got the 軟硬殼 for iPhone!!! 係Crystal Case 和Silicone Case ~

Crystal Case 和Silicone Case

先試個Silicone Case~

Silicone Case唔好就係會有點難度係牛仔褲袋羅出來:(
再黎個硬殼!! Crystal Case~

Crystal Case 唔好就係會花和手指印 :(


我自己都係撞意Silicone Case 多點. 我係一個帶袋的超人 :P 嘻嘻

以下係大偉試笵Movie Stand~

又買多一隻iSock :) 相機又用得~ iPhone又用得~
iPhone 雪人 :)
Dinner time~ nothing special here.

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