Saturday, December 08, 2007


昨日味放工davidz就黎揾我食飯~ tonight appetiser is 大偉哥新"膽" ~Bell & Ross BR 01-92


i think it's too big on me but it looks goods on him hehehehe :P

then later on we went to happy hour to met brother chiewata~

we had some beer n talk buybuy again~

then chiewata brought us to damansara 福建麵!! first time here~


主菜:福建麵!! 正呀!!

呢個係肉丸湯! 幾好.不過對我黎講就too spicy :(

we went to hana to continue for some drinks coz we haven't finished 吹水~

chiewata was too thirsty. so he ordered some more teguila!!

finally supper again!! 早点! dun know where did we went. also first time here :P so tired man!! but we had so much fun even just drink and talk "cock" :P

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