Thursday, January 24, 2008

BMW TT in Sungai Long

yesterday got BMW TT in Sungai Long 3pm. I didnt make it coz i had to work~ I went abt 7.30pm but all left already :( only can see the photos today on forum~ :(

Venue: Ipoh White Coffee, Bandar Sg Long
Date: 23rd Jan (Wed) Thaipusam holiday
Time: 3pm

those who came
1. jerman
2. wang
3. redbaron
4. fabian
5. ah lian
6. iceman13
7. leee36328
8. GT-E34
9. pcchuah
10. lkw3
11. wc9922
12. alexng
13. bluepanther
14. silver
15. bailey

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