Saturday, January 26, 2008

C for yourself~

Today brother aggronax received something from Merc Benz~ Thanks for sharing with me. The box really damn nice~

shd be 1:24 C class model and another white with chrome special edition key~ I thought aggronax got his car early???

shd be 1:24 model i guess ... Man Why BMW does't have it :(

The Key really nice. Like it so much. Aggronax pls send it to me by courier ok? Will buy you teh tarik :P Later only found out tat "white" key is a 1GB pendrive. Damn coOL ...

at the same day brother davidz also received his ordered 1:18 which is bigger. Very detail one. And nice photos taken by davidzs~Can't wait for you guys to make up the C for yourself gathering kekekekekekek

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