Thursday, March 13, 2008

Samsung i780~

wanna thanks chiewata to let me hand on his new bought Samsung i780~ very good looking device :P

Yeah alot end users love the qwerty keyboard. some even cant live without it :P I dun :P

Samsung don't have many third party apps . so it got 155.80MB after hard reset.

yeah the finger mouse. something fancy from Samsung~
Cruise's stylus is abit longer compare with i780 one :)

Trying the garmin on i780. It doesn't work cause we haven't paid for garmin :P

Paid and it works on i780. Man ...

Improvements compare to previous i600
1. 2MP camera
2. Opera Mobile
3. WM6 Professional and Touch screen
4. HSDPA 3.6Mbps (can be switch off)
5. GPS
6. Finger mouse
7. OK button

Full Package included: charger, usb cable, extra battery, external battery charger(desktop charger), 4GB MicroSD and screen protector. It doesnt come with any GPS apps~ :(

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