Friday, May 02, 2008

Lousy Service!!!

Another day~ almost 5pm still haven't heard from bloody SAPURA AUTO!!! I called again and replied was yeah they are still checking and HAVEN'T found out what was the problem coz computer find nothing wrong with my damn car!! I really have no idea how long it gonna take them to check ... really disappointed with this kinda service!! I miss my car so much~ perhaps I shouldn't have bought the BMW :(

man another weekend without my car!!!!!


WoayChee said...

thats very nice car, be patient because they want to provide quality service.

Anonymous said...

aiyo ~ 1 week without car ?

perhaps only sapura like this? u need to go back to sapura 1 ? kenot be done other places?

keeekeee said...

i have been very patient already! im not taking my car back. My car broke down THREE days later again after i took back from the damn sapura.

yes can be done by SA, AB, Ingress. But im not taking back my car. Im bring the case to Tribunal.