Friday, June 06, 2008

Htc Diamond~

今晚和超人&蜘蛛俠去左MidValley吃dinner~ 唔知係唔係飲diet coke飲多左~ 無端端多左一粒diamond :P

You Buy, I buy~ 俾高人度两吓就上左船~ 原本無打算買 :(
Full package:~ battery, charger, data cable, extra stylus
主角~ 真係好簿, 好細!! 好型 :P

3.2 MegalPixel camera with auto focus! 比 Htc Cruise 正好多! 有進步!
Diamond with WM 6.1

Diamond vs Cruise vs 838Pro~

feel like holding a brick once i took out my 838pro :P
even cruise as well :P

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WoayChee said...

waiting your review of your htc diamond.. plan to get iphone 3g?