Tuesday, July 29, 2008


anyone know how much for the damn shell for G-Shock??? few month later after came back fr beach ... it took off the jacket itself ???

DW-6500 (1150) someone offer me RM220 for each shell :( I think i can buy a new one~

my damn G-Shock :( without shell

DW-6900 (1289)


angeldopamine said...

我也有支DW-6500,這是支老G了,之前在台灣的露天拍賣上看到有人開價六千多。所以,換作是我的話,如果能用RMB 220拿到他的全新表殼,一定會毫不猶豫的買下去的。跟frogman比起來,說不定它的錶殼還更難找一點(需求量更低..)。

keeekeee said...

to angeldopamine;

RM220是 馬幣! 不是RMB. RM220 差不多是台幣NT2200。