Friday, August 15, 2008

Samsung Omnia Firmware~

the firmware of my Omnia was G3 which didnt support chinese SMS input~

Got the Omnia OS updater from SamsungMobile website~

Confirm device connected with PC and fully charged!

starting downloading ...

total got 4 files only. it took me abt 10mins i guess.

all files download and complete :)


DONE. Upgraded from G3 to G4~

why Omnia over Diamond?
1) Yes Omnia run faster
2) Got better camera with LED light but not perfect yet.
3) Much better battery life~~
4) Larger internal storage which are 8GB and 16GB available~
5) I have tried most of the apps and all working fine with Omnia.

Negative abt Omnia!
1) Too expensive!
2) Full package without TV output cable???
3) The only charger connector from Samsung?? NOT USB??
4) Omnia doesnt have the stylus slot! Very troublesome~

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