Sunday, September 28, 2008

大 集 會 27/9/2008

今日大集會の door gift :)

limited edition~ 好正!!

側田帶來嘅舵錶 :)

Tag Heuer Singapore F1 Limited Edition
Mont Blanc Flyback

Kevin 嘅 Enzo Mechana
Yen 嘅 RXW Plasmir Miligraph
Yen 和 Chiewata 嘅 Projectの小黑 and my 104
kevin 嘅另外一粒 Envo~
Andy師傳個 Air King with date!!!
Rolex Air King with IWC leather strap!! CrossOver :)
打錯嘅 door gift :P 好彩 last min 發現~ 超哥啦啦声做過 :P

大 集 會 順利完成!! 掂~

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