Saturday, November 01, 2008

Innov8 RUN

this is the first i time i join this kinda event~ becoz of the innov8
yeah the first 8megapixel camera phone in the market!
briefing started here ~ ZzZzzZzzzZZZzzz

The team who won the game get to take off first~ man haven't played game for ages :(

yeah WE WERE THE TEAM FIVE~ There were 15 cars for this treasure hunt and we had to use Innov8 gps to navigate our ways, sms for clues and mms ...

Two of my team mates were Joshua and william ... and our marshall ( in red~ forgot his name again :P )

we had a very very very long day~ it started abt 9am and i got home almost 11pm. It was extremely tired but fun. I still can't believe it ... yeah although we didnt win but we did complete it :P ( They were hundred thousand of tasks and each task drove me crazy to figure out ~ )
p/s: I didnt have the chance to make copy for all the photos taken :( they took back the innov8 after our dinner~ :(

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