Sunday, January 18, 2009


HTC HD 大彩芒 :P Have been thinking abt it ... Didnt get it right away becoz nothing much different from Diamond or Touch Pro.

冇button嘅~ 好似iphone feel ...

大screen真係睇到好舒服~ 但係一部賣到马幣 RM3xxx ~ HTC真係有啲過份~ Nokia 5800 千幾蚊有俾埋TV Output!! but not HTC HD :(

5.0Megapixel still cannot fight with SE CyberShot and Nokia N82 :( still waiting for a right PPC with a right camera PLUS xenon flash light ~

got one speaker only like SE X1 ... Feel like HD louder then X1

after few hrs usage, I decided to keep my SE X1 instead :P dun really like the HTC HD. Will keep X1 for few more months and wait for N97 which will be available end of March 2009 :)

Restoring all the contacts, appointments, notes, sms and email from X1


Hunt said...

perhaps it's bcoz u oredi own a SE X1.. am have been struggling between these two models as well..

anyway.. my heart with palm pre now :D

keeekeee said...

not really :) having the HTC HD and X1 now. i think both are nice phone. Becoz the HD camera does not come with any LED light so Im decided to keep the X1 as my everday phone :) HD will keep inside the drawer :P

Will try the Palm pre when available.