Monday, January 19, 2009

SE C902 & SE C905

等左幾日黑色都冇貨 :( 今日唔想等左就先進 SE C902 & C905~

SE C902 Special 007 edition~

開包先~ C902黑灰007版

好薄~ 幾有Nokia 8 Series 嘅手感~ 全身都鉄casing~

C902 仲簿過 Motorola K1~

都係啲一個speaker :(


another 5.0MegaPixel from SE ... non-xenon flash :(

C902 冇咩嘢特別除左機身:P~ 都係玩C905先~ SE latest 8.1 MegaPixel C905!!

C905 comes with 8.1MP, Xenon Flash, 2GB M2, WiFi, And the GPS!!


Battery only 930mAh~ dun know can last two days or not~

still using the SONY M2 memory card. Don't know support Micro-SD or not. Haven't tried yet. Remember SE K850i support both. Will try out later :)

Yes!! Buying it becoz of the Cyber-Shot~

C905 comes with bigger screen then K850, K810, and K800 :)

Yeah let start the party!! 8.1 megapixel~

dun really like the sliding phone~ bought it becoz the camera :P

let's compare the SE X1 with C905~

X1's keyboard vs C905's keypad~

Now backing up contacts, sms and appoinments from K800~

C905個screen真係好正! 比K800大好多~

SE C905 8.1megapixel

Restoring contacts, appoinments, and SMS from K800i to C905~ Done :)
索尼最近的作品都係made in china. SE X1 就係made in Taiwan. 老實講部C905真係好正但係機身的感覺真係麻麻哋。索尼手機都係made in Japan 嘅品質會好好多。

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