Friday, February 06, 2009

HD Soft Silicone Skin Case for SE X1

找了很久終于找到了 100分的X1 套子!!  "一分錢,一分貨" HD case is so much better then those cheap silicon case~ 終于可以放放心心去 fully utilized my SE Xperia X1 。。。
真的想都沒想到!! 原來 SE Xperia X1 內在也是非常非常的脆弱!!
買了新HD case用了两三天突然發現 當來電時X1 都不會 vibrate 了??? Damn!!
又送回 Sony Ericsson Service Center! 因為 Berjaya Plaza 那一間服務差! 要 complain 才肯換! 所以這一次送到另外一間。再打電到 SE Customer Support to complain since they told me need at least a week time!!! Few days later, i got a call from SE and they told me all done。 They change a new board for my X1 because the vibrator is not functioning。 After got my X1 back the next day i sold it away。 No more confident for SE X1  。。。 希望下次也許X2 會更好!! 完全失望的 SE Xperia X1。 

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