Thursday, March 05, 2009

Acer Aspire One D150

book左幾天! 終于有貨~
想upgrade一部 10.2" screen, 6 cells netbook~ 老友NewB 建議我入手 D150~ Thanks pal~
Yes!! my acer aspire one D150~~
much better looking compare with previous version~ like it very much :)
keyboard 下全部係鋁做嘅! 好正~ unlike previous version which are made by plastic :(
唔使帶 power adapter 出街啦 :) 5200mAh !!! 可以頂5-6個鐘閑閑地! 正
compare D150 with the previous AAO :)
買netbook 順手入手一粒 16GB SD card for D150, 两粒 card readers, and 一粒藍牙 adapter for my previous AAO :) 收工返屋企。

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