Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Extended battery for HTC Diamond

因為賣左X1 冇機用, 只好買返 Diamond 嚟用 :( 可惜係原裝 900mAh電唔夠一日usage!! 所以係香港訂左 1800mAh extended battery for htc diamond~ 等左一個星期, 今日到左 :)
the extended battery come with weird looking back cover :( and one desktop charger :)

試左幾日~ 唔錯。冲滿一次可以頂到两至三日~ 勁! :)
呢個過度期就用住diamond先~忍多一两個月應該就可以入手 htc diamond2, htc touch pro2, and Toshiba TG01 :)

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