Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mighty Mouse~

前一排諗住想買個老鼠俾部 netbook 用~ 昨日唔小心睇到网上有賣包送貨~

Bluetooth Bluetooth provides wireless connectivity up to 30 feet.
Laser Laser tracking engine delivers better precision on more surfaces.
Batteries Power from one or two AA batteries means true portability.
Touch Touch-sensitive technology detects right and left click.
Scroll Ball The innovative Scroll Ball gives you 360° scrolling capability.
Squeeze Squeeze the sides to launch Exposé and more.

一日后我就收到左 :)

I didnt know that!! assembled in Malaysia???
試用左一吓~ 手感正! 都幾順手! 仲有真係好覯仔 :)

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