Monday, September 13, 2010

Maldives 馬爾帶夫 1

saw this bird everywhere on the island~ they only able to fly up to 3-4 ft high

brought my Pentax W90 with me~ purposely bought it for this wonderful trip :)

today gonna spend some times for this lovely infinity swimming pool and the beach of paradise :)

I didn't know what to say once i woke up in the early morning~ it's sooooooooo beautiful~

The beach of paradise~

first lady and princess~

Pentax W90 quite cool. it has built-in photo editor~
we can edit all photos before we print out or upload to our PC.

our beachfront villa

the stingray really scared me while i was swimming at the beach~

fish, stingrays, baby reef sharks, sea cucumbers are everywhere~

princess discover this little tiny creature hide inside its spiral shell~

I tried to pick it up but it got mad and claws were up :(


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真係好似天堂嘅沙滩~ [天上人間]