Wednesday, October 13, 2010

iMac 27

It has been sitting there for more then a week! I was away so didn't able to play with it.

Now I'm thinking where Should I place my new toy?? Study room? My bedroom? Em....

Play with the iPhone apps :- phototreats~ it's easy and fun.

Ok I've been thinking whether to get myself a Mac since few years ago!! Yes since the first generation iMac 27 til the 2nd Gen. I finally got it. I'm a PC user for many yrs. This is my first iMac and I hope I can get used to it real quick.

It's so pretty!!! Actually didn't wanna buy it cause i have been spending too much lately but went to apple store and poison myself and I changed my mind right after play with it few mins!


Love the screen! Keyboard and mouse are rock!!! I'm going to get myself the turntable and trackpad once I'm free I guess :)
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