Wednesday, December 29, 2010

MiNi Key Holders

Bought a few key leather holders~ This is the one with red stitches on black leather. Love the red color stitching~ :) Better way to organize the key. It's made from genuine leather, it features a clean, simple design with key rings.

saw this one from a mini cooper china forum~

saw alot cooper owners using the key without key holder~

end-up scratches all over the key.

Even saw one owner's key without the ring!

She told me she accidentally broke it???

This design is so cute~

Do not have to worry the key being scratched when it's in ya pocket anymore :P

I like this one most. it fits perfectly and looks so good with it!

Last one~ total i bought three different brands~

Stylish leather case protects your MiNi key from everyday wear and tear.

Screw-on for attaching and detaching keys.


Lauren said...

Hey. I was wondering where you ordered those leather key holders?

keeekeee said...

hi lauren~ sorry was away few days~ the mini key holders got it from my china suppliers~ i think can easily get it from GZ car accessories shop~